Review Of Francis Scott Fitzgerald 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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David Orta Honors American Literature St. John 's College High School 8/22/15 Francis Scott Fitzgerald Francis Scott Fitzgerald was a vital figure to literature, not only was he a novelist, but in addition he was a poet, playwright, screenwriter, copywriter, and author of short stories. He was truly a trailblazer who paved the way for authors to come. Modernism means a style or movement that aims to break with traditional forms. Fitzgerald wrote during the time period of modernism. Modernism partook primarily in Europe from the early to mid twentieth century. Modernism symbolizes the introduction of new ways to express oneself as well as the separation from traditional ways. One major idea that was corroborated throughout many written items during this time period was the idea of self awareness. Self awareness also known as self consciousness, is when one is extremely aware of their own actions, feelings, and thoughts. One of the biggest driving factors for this belief of self consciousness was the devastating effects from World War One. Many artists and authors were striving to cut ties with the previous beliefs and traditions in their specific field. They wanted to stand out and start new trends. In the Victorian age there was a massive increase in the overall knowledge of the general population due to education reforms. This increase in knowledge led to a constant hunger for more and more knowledge. One way people cured this craving was with literature.

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