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MOS burger is a Japanese style fast-food restaurant chain which was founded in Tokyo in July 1972. In 1991, the first MOS burger store was opened on Xin Sheng South Road in Taipei and till now there are 174 stores distributed all over in Taiwan. Since 2004, Taiwan and Japan’s MOS burger have been selecting natural beef from New Zealand synchronously. The brand name, MOS burger, clearly states the goals of founder. “M” stands for mountain which is dignified and noble, “O” is to have a wide and vast mind as ocean, and “S” describes the vibrant and life-giving of the sun. Now, there are 52 stores provide 24 hours service in Taiwan (MOS burger Taiwan, 2010).

MOS Burger aim to provide safe, health and delicious food with cordial and
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Therefore, the critical factor for MOS burger to success in Taiwanese market is its outstanding service and fresh and healthy food sources.

2.1.2 Customers
The target market of MOS burger is the same as fast food chain in Taiwan. It is a big challenge for a new brand since the market is gradually full. MOS burger is trying to distinguish its market from other fast-food restaurant. It is aiming more at customers and white-collar workers (above 20 years old) who demand for a wide variety of unique and original MOS burgers, as well as local specialties. The main products, rice burgers, also create a meal which is appropriate for Asian diet (MOS burger Taiwan, 2010).

However, the bargaining power of customers is relatively low in this industry. Porter (2008, p. 86) indicated that when a product consist a majority cost of buyer, buyer will put more attention on price, which will cause the price sensitive. In this case, while customers of MOS burger do not spend a large portion of their income to purchase a daily meal, the level of price sensitivity is low. Consequently, consumers do not have a significant influence in price.

2.1.3 Suppliers
Suppliers, if powerful, also affect industry profitability, such as threatening to charge higher prices, limiting quality or services,

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