Most Crowdsourcing Platform Implementation Projects Fail

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Most crowdsourcing platform implementation projects fail. To succeed, therefore, requires understanding of the importance of crowdsourcing platform as a strategic tool and the need for its continuous review throughout development and implementation phases. One of the critical success factors is the design of a robust revenue-generating infrastructure powered by a secure user and customer authenticated e-commerce engine. A crowdsourcing platform development is an investment at risk. The cost of development increases with each development phase. The investment should be reviewed at each key checkpoint in development and should be justified based on the data available.
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Question Set No. 4:
Crowdsourcing development requires the investment of substantial capital and resources over a significant time period before the launch of the revenue-generating platform. And the possibility of revenue return is contingent on competently evaluated investment opportunity. Have you given any serious thoughts on crowdsourcing as an investment vehicle? What are some of the steps you are willing to take to secure funding? How serious are you committed in fundraising to get off the ground? What do you currently see as obstacles impeding the development progress of your crowdsourcing and/or crowdfunding currently been contemplated and planned? How do plan on overcoming some of these obstacles?
Before racing to create a crowdsourcing presence, as a new or existing venture

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