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Crowdsourcing: A better mousetrap or another trick?
The art of gathering information for a prospective product has long been a tedious task of advertisers, manufactures, and entertainment producers since the inception of advertising. It was realized that if a company could figure out what consumers wanted or needed they could tailor their products or services to them and save money from making things no one wanted. However, to do this, companies or advertisers would have to gather large groups of people together and present the products or services and gather feedback from those people. While this was the model for decades, and still is the primary method of gathering information, there is a new and possibly better way to present new …show more content…

It was noted in the article “Should we trust the wisdom of crowds?” by Stephen Overell: “BP's effort is more about public relations - appearing to be responsive. BP has handled the oil leak atrociously. So its priority is public relations first and the need for high quality information second, in that order. 20,000 ideas is unmanageable, you'll need all sorts of procedures for sorting through them. Solving this sort of issue is a profoundly technical issue that the vast majority of people are ill equipped for.”(Castella, 2015) While public relations would be a good use of crowdsourcing to garner a methodology to improve a company’s public image, the company should be careful to actually utilize the information received, if they don’t, then the public could likely become cynical towards the whole concept of crowdsourcing.
Crowdsourcing today, as survey groups were in the past, is a useful and effective tool for companies to use to ensure that the products or services they provide are something that the general public, or their customer base, is interested in. However, care must be taken to ensure that not only are the results are accurate and not tainted by some form of manipulation, but also that the information gathered is actually something that is used. In the first case, data manipulation could cause a company to provide something that doesn’t sell, and leave them with

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