Most Of The Time People Wake Up And Do There Normal Morning

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Most of the time people wake up and do there normal morning routine without thinking much about it. Why is it that we don’t question the things we do on a normal basis? Why do we do the things we do? Growing up we are told and taught things that are accepted by society. One of those things is that after high school, graduates are supposed to go to college. Ken Saxon speaks about this in his essay “What do you do with a B.A. in History?”. Ken argues that most students in college go because that is what society says they should do, without giving much thought to why they are going to college, and what they want out of that experience. Throughout the essay Saxon speaks about the purpose of a college education, how to look at college …show more content…

He introduces to the audience a concern he has about taking a pre-professional approach to college. One argument he has is how can anyone know what fields will be paying the best in the future with a market that is constantly revolving. One example he uses is the large amount of people that wanted to join Internet startups in the 90’s, which later ended up not being so good. That’s how markets work though. People and money follow what is trending creating these competitive markets that later lead to a decline causing people to move on to the next trend. Another example he uses is that a doctor spends a decade learning about things that could change once they complete their residency. This creates a cycle of uncertainty. Saxon explains that as a hiring manager of his business he didn’t look for people who had a specific degree. Instead he searched for people who had the ability to be leaders, people who were dedicated to their work and could communicate, and had the ability to create relationships with other people. He once thought that employers only pick people with certain college degrees that pertain to their company. However through his own experience he realized that isn’t the case. He shared his story about how he applied for a finance job to the worlds largest real estate development company and surprising got hired even though he was a European History major. Next Saxon asked

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