Most People Find Themselves Getting Lost To Soothing Sounds

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Most people find themselves getting lost to soothing sounds of music, both the melodies and lyrics are able to take them to another world. A world of serenity and peace, a world where there is no longer anything but the sweet sounds of a song. It’s funny how something so trivial can possibly have such a great effect on a person. They ignore the horrors around them as they are too busy focusing on how a simple chain of notes and rhythms can be so beautiful regardless of what the song itself might be about. In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, he writes a book centered around a time period rampant with self deprecation and despair but is somehow able to maintain a sense of hope and possible happiness as an outcome through various writing …show more content…

With the use of third person, Zusak is also able to almost directly display how people are able to find light in the darkest of places through others. “The youngest kids were soothed by her voice, and everyone else saw visions of the whistler running from the crime scene” (381). Even when the characters are faced with the danger of the air raids, Zusak uses this story of Leisel to show how people rely on finding their own distraction within others in order to maintain calm and not expect the worst. He is able to implement a beacon of light for very scared people that is incredibly effective. Narrative point of view is pivotal in being able to identify just how there can always be something hopeful and beautiful within any situation even if everything surrounding it is nothing but dark. Symbolism is used in order to show the juxtaposition presented by the ideas of good and evil found within mankind’s nature. One instance of symbolism used by Zusak is stealing. Zusak uses the two most youthful characters to display the act of thievery. In one particular moment it is Rudy who decides to defect from Leisel and go on his own to try and steal something for some feeling of retribution. “It feels good, doesn 't it? To steal something back” (483). Through stealing, several of Zusak’s characters gain a new sense of control over their lives even when they are forced under the control of other powers. For Zusak to use stealing, something traditionally

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