Moth And Bees: A Narrative Fiction

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Moth is young, barely two weeks old, so she is of course curious about everything. Look at all the colors here, she constantly thought as she whisked herself around the garden. The world she lived in was of course radiant, full of wonderful things and a huge spectrum of color. Take for instance, flowers, the epitome of beauty. Pretty to look at, they come in various shades, and are very sweet- with the nectar on the inside. Best choice of food ever, she had thought the moment she had first drank it in, sipping up all of the nectar in a peony. She had been drawn to it earlier from the mouthwatering scent the flower had emitted. Still remembering the delicious taste, Moth happily fluttered about on her fragile white wings. It was evening, growing…show more content…
It hovered in the air and gave off a sense of warmth. The stick, however, was more of a tree stump, pitiful and almost gone. Human pulled out another white stick, but this one was standing tall and proud. He moved the tip of this new stick to the previous one’s, and the ball of light instantly moved onto the next stick, the other half of it left behind going out, with only some gray, wispy smoke left to signify its earlier presence. The Human chuckled and switched out the sticks, leaving the new one with the ball of light on the golden stand, and exiting the room through the opening- wait, no that is the door- with the stumped one in…show more content…
Oh, but I don’t think you can see them right now… or actually see it from here at all,” Moth replied as she glanced at the window. It was true, there was no good vantage point from here, as the stick wasn’t long enough to look out past the window. “Can you tell me about outside?!” Flame asked enthusiastically. “I’ve never been there. I can’t move from my candle, you see.” Flame points down as if to make her point while wistfully saying the last sentence. “Only if you tell me what some of the stuff in this room is,” replied Moth, but she settled herself to easily drift on the hot air rising up from Flame, and began to talk about everything she knew. For the next couple of weeks, Moth would visit Flame at the exact same time every day, when the sun would be starting to set and the Human had changed Flame’s candle. She would patiently wait outside the window and only come in after the Human had left, noticing as the Human would walk, that he was beginning to limp and was more hunched over than before- growing older with every meeting. However, Moth would quickly be too excited to fill in Flame about her day, telling her stories and adventures, and would forget to be worried about the
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