Mother Infant Body Contact Between The Mother And Newborn After Birth Essay

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Early skin-to skin contact between the mother and newborn after birth creates an optimal environment for the adaptation of newborn to extra uterine life. This simple and cost-free procedure is recommended as an important improvement in care immediately after delivery. Skin-to-skin contact comforts the newborn, prevents heat loss, preserves carbohydrate stores, facilitates metabolic adjustment, reduces crying and pain sensibility. It also promotes early mother–infant interaction and bonding, Extended and uninterrupted early mother–infant body contact after birth was identified as a factor influencing effective sucking at the breast. Some studies indicate that it can also have a long-lasting effect on the duration of breastfeeding and helps stimulate the delivery of the placenta as well as provides lower risk breast cancer as result of breastfeeding. The action of oxytocin and the movements of the newborn feet pressing on the uterus, leads to a decreased risk of postpartum hemorrhage (D’ Artibale , Bercini, 2014)

As regard socio demographic and obstetric data of the studied sample the present study results revealed that there were no statistically significant differences among the study and control groups in relation to their socio demographic and obstetric data. Where, the mean age was (23.80 ± 2.310) years for study group compared to (23.46 ± 2.33) years for the control group. Regarding the educational level (48%, 42%) respectively for both groups had secondary

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