Mother Tongue Summary

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Shuyang Jia
Dr. Olga Filatova
ENG 107
October 3 2017
Overcome Language Barrier(A summary and respond to Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue)
In Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue, Amy described her experience of growing up in a Chinese immigrant family with broken English. In the essay Amy writes about her mother tells a story of a family matter back in China with incomprehensible English but she still considers it is easy to understand as she grew up listening to her mother’s English. She thinks that her experience of growing up in such limited language background influence her English speaking more than her peers. For example her understanding of logical class subjects like Math are much stronger than other kids. The author sees the perks of born and raised in such an environment but cannot help noticing public disrespect to people who speak limited English. Her mother as her closest example: she is scared to be disrespected for speaking broken English to her stockbroker, so she let Amy answer the phone. And the time when Amy gets answers immediately from the hospital but her mother endures disrespect and impatience because of limited English.
The author later tells her story of being in English writing major during college and the difficulties she had to overcome. “I was told by my former boss that writing was my worst skill and I should hone my talents toward account management.” Says Amy in the essay. However, because of her nature of favoring challenge, she got through and starts to

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