Mother's Expectations Of Their Young's Early Achievements

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Mother’s Expectations of Their Young’s Early Achievements in Anglo-Australian and Indian-Australian. Mother’s play a dominate role in the milestones in which their young achieve. Throughout different cultures the age in which the child achieve certain milestones such as Education, Peer interaction and Environmental independence can be influenced on the cultural values that the parents or caretakers express. This research report outlines the expectations mothers have through a range of seven dominate competencies. Through the use of a questionnaire (Joshi & MacLean,1997) given to 36 mothers from each of Anglo –Australian and Indian-Australian mothers. Data was collected in that the results stated. Anglo-Australian mothers gave considerably younger age than Indian-Australian mothers in four out of the seven competencies. Indian-Australian mothers gave a considerably younger age for one of the seven competencies and for two of the remaining competencies there was very little difference between the two cultural groups. The results concluded that Anglo-Australian mothers have an overall younger age expectations from their children to achieve milestones than the mothers of Indian-Australians. This research report outlines a Mother’s expectations of their child’s competence and if influenced by their cultural group, including that of Anglo-Australian and Indian-Australian. Anglo-Australian are considered to be those who are of English descent. They are the largest ethnic

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