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Motivating students in the classroom can be challenging, especially for Special Education students in an inclusion classroom. Due to the gap between a special education student’s independence level and current grade level, it is difficult for special education students to retain motivation throughout instruction. In efforts to determine how student motivation can be continuous, additional technology support was created to be implemented in an inclusion classroom. The purpose of this action research proposal is to evaluate the effect of an elementary inclusion general education class to increase student motivation for CSEP students. Becoming familiar with student’s strengths, needs and interests throughout this process is a big factor to…show more content…
In an inclusion setting it best facilitates learning and students were more motivated in that it provided and allowed for differentiation of instruction. I decided to implement a classroom strategy into my own classroom to study how I can address a group of diverse learners. These are students who are performing below, at, and above grade level in a general education inclusion classroom to help with providing instruction in depth while also keeping each student motivated and engaged.
As many special education teachers feel overwhelmed even with the amount of support they have in the classroom, I must differentiate a lot of the work alone with my special education students to help them with both their grade level work and their Individualized Education Program goals and objectives. Since many special education students are functioning below grade level, they need modifications and accommodations to help them with their grade level assignments presented to them. The purpose of this action research study is to evaluate the effect of an elementary inclusion general education class to increase student motivation for third grade students.
Literature Review

Before implementing my action research, I had to decide on a framework that would help me implement my plan. I first began in planning the classroom strategy of how getting CSEP students motivated that I would use, followed by making observations to determine what needed to be acted upon. I then moved
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