Motivation Is Defined As The Forces That Account For The Arousal, Selection, And Continuation Of Behavior

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Motivation is defined as the forces that account for the arousal, selection, direction and continuation of behavior (Cherry). Many of the students I observed had their own self-regulation strategies. Starting out at 7:20 a.m. is zero period, it’s a time when students have the floor to come in and have the chance to go over information, ask questions, get homework help, get help reviewing for an exam, etc. Most students who have arrived to school early are in the halls socializing with friends, eating or just waiting for the first period bell to ring. During this time though many students took it upon themselves to come in during this zero period to seek group assistance and information. Many came in just to have a place to do homework and have the chance to ask questions as they went along. Some students took the time to come in and discuss their grades with the teacher allowing the teacher the ability to give them advice on what they can do help their grades if need be.
Another example that I observed students using their own motivation and self-regulation was during lab periods. I observed particular students taking actions to progress in their own learning. The students were giving great attentiveness to the steps required to complete the lab and afterwards being very self driven to complete the task at hand. Since most of the lab assignments aren’t due at the end of class, many students were completing the assignment at different paces while other students were taking it

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