Analysis Of The Film ' The World 's Classroom '

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The film The World in Claire’s Classroom, 2000, shows us an alternative first and second grade classroom dynamic that Claire helps facilitate by her teaching style and beliefs.While certain parts of the film are socially problematic, in regards to some methods when learning about other cultures, Claire practices very progressive teaching methods and concepts that our class has covered. Because of using these varied teaching methods, Claire is also creating a more indepth and engaged learning environment that appears to have a positive impact on her students. Two concepts that I will be introducing and comparing to Claire’s classroom are Self-directed Learning and The Four Aspects of Engagement. Both of these concepts connect to multiple…show more content…
They can also help motivate student’s desire to learn by being engaged with both the content and students themselves. As we discussed in class, motivation plays an intrinsic role in creating successful self-directed learning. Those who practice this form of learning, in various ways, are driven by personal or external incentives, such as the desire to learn something, or simply for curiosity 's sake, self-esteem and self-efficiency. Because of this self-directed learners are known to take initiative, view issues as challenges to overcome, become confident, have a desire to evolve, and appreciate and seek out learning opportunities (Taylor, 1995). The students frequently practice self-directed learning through multiple assignments, experiences and activities in their class. Through a homework assignment students learn about India in interdisciplinary and in depth ways when Claire asks them to go home and find items that come from India. By doing this they are making real world connections, further enforced since they are familiar with these objects, and therefore reinforcing their comprehension of the topic. Because the children also present their finding to their peers, they are also exercising cognitive elaboration. An experience the students had was going on a trip to a hindu temple in Massachusetts, we get to watch the students run to different shrines, dedicated to gods

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