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My motivation comes from a place of failure. I’ve always had really good success in my career choices, but from an academic standpoint I have always played the mediocre field. I will be the first person in my family to graduate, that’s a fact. After a long day of work and coming home to tell my daughter I have homework actually excites me. She’s given me her version of how my speeches sound to her, “stay focus dad I know you can do it.” The fact that she’s actually looking for me to succeed really drives it home. She knows her daddy is taking this serious enough to lock himself away to achieve greatness.
As a Personal Trainer, I’ve always taught my clients to write down what their purpose and goals “prior” to starting a contract with my team. It had to be something they could pin up on a bathroom mirror or the refrigerator just as a constant reminder why. I never thought I would have to give myself that same peep talk, the good thing is my purpose is solid. I want to achieve my degree because I have avoided this journey my entire life. I want to be able to stand out amongst my peers at work because of the efforts I will be applying here. I know this may be my last opportunity to get this done, so my I am going to be laser focused along this journey.
I think once you have found the right motive there should not be anything that can stop you. I get up every day to workout at three am, so setting aside a few hours during the week to

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