Personal Essay: What Motivates You?

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What motivates you? In a small part, every aspect of my life motivates me to strive for my dreams. My family; parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces motivate me and push me harder to achieve my goals and aspirations. Me being the first in my family to graduate high school, and enter into college is a tremendous amount of pressure. I want to be able to prove to them that they can reach their dreams no matter how old or young, if they are determined. Mainly, I want to show them that everything is obtainable if you work for it. My boyfriend motivates me to be the best verision of myself that I can be, we both chose to go to SFA together, after I stated I wasn’t interested in going to college. He motivates me to be better, faster, stronger and more determined. He teaches me to set high goals and reach them. Lastly, my coworkers motivate me to continue to improve my already strong work ethic. As their manager, they depend on me to teach them how to succeed in our work environment. Having people look up to me motivates me to no end. I love to set examples and be a leader to show people anything is possible. Using the table on page 237, name 3 personality characteristics you possess and explain why? Without being redundant, three of the personality characteristics that I pride myself in possessing are as follows: Being thoughtful: I consider myself as thoughtful because I am constantly working on making peoples’ day. I enjoy seeing what I can do to help
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