Mountain Brook City Hall

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My place of employment, Mountain Brook City Hall, is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Alabama. In fact, the City of Mountain Brook has been named “Tree City USA” by the Arbor Day Foundation for the past 20 years (ICMA, 2014). The residents enjoy a safe environment (Safe Choice, 2014) and the employees benefit from a fiscal responsible City Council that doesn’t take a salary. While there is no perfect working environment, Mountain Brook City Hall‘s atmosphere is very relaxed which contributes to a very low employee turnover rate. However, there is an issue that hasn’t been addressed by city administration; the taste of the water in City Hall. The water from the water fountain and kitchen faucet tastes like chlorine. For…show more content…
The very chemicals that are used to treat our water to kills deadly toxins are the same chemicals that can pose health problems when digested for a period of time (EPA 2013). For instance, excessive consumption of fluoride over a lifetime may lead to increased likelihood of bone fractures in adults, and tooth enamel pits in young children. Lead consumption leads to physical and mental development in children and mercury consumption leads to kidney damage. (Birmingham Water Works). According to the website, All About Water, “compared to reverse osmosis and distillation, filtration is an inexpensive way to remove chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and VOCs from drinking water.” (All about Water, 2014). Members of our fire department addressed the chlorine issue in the Fire Department several years ago by installing a water filter on their departmental water fountain. Indeed, I’m sure that the employees at City Hall would welcome a reprieve from the chlorine taste that seems to permeate the water in the water fountains and the kitchen faucet. As budget constraints are always a concern, I recommend two options that do not require a purchase order or have to be approved by the Finance Committee: The first option would be to purchase an Imperial Berkey Water Filter. The cost of the system ranges from $310.00 to $510.00, but the less expensive version suits the needs of City Hall perfectly. The system includes two carbon filters and produces up to 5.5 gallons
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