Mourning Is A Long And Difficult Experience

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The loss of a loved one has a profound impact on our lives that never truly goes away. The process of mourning is a long and difficult experience. In order to heal from a tragic loss, it is best not to set aside your grief, but rather face it head-on. This process requires you to deal with inner feelings, but it also involves mourning, which is the outward expression of grief. There are six way points along the path of mourning which represent different needs for reconciliation. Once a person has undertaken these steps of mourning the person will be more capable of moving forward after the loss. 1. Accept the reality that the person is gone This first step is not easy, and it may take weeks or months for it to fully sink in. There is an instinct to avoid this reality, but this delays the process of mourning. An important and natural part of accepting a death is to remember the events that occurred at the time the person passed away. These include memories that are both good and bad. Each time you replay the memories the truth that the person is really gone becomes more real to you. 2. Let yourself feel the loss This task is difficult because it requires a person to embrace pain, while the natural instinct is to avoid it. The instinct is to repress or deny pain of grief, but without confronting it, the pain will linger much longer. However, during this process, it 's best not to try and deal with all the pain at once, because it can easily become overwhelming. Instead, it
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