Movie Analysis : A Space Odyssey

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While being a technical marvel, 2001: A Space Odyssey simultaneously presents a superb narrative motivated by profound themes and acted out by a meticulous cast of characters. Director Stanley Kubrick succeeds in creating this insightful film through the usage of many design elements including camerawork, sound, setting, and mise-en-scène. As dialogue throughout the film is minimal, these principles of design are employed to shape the viewer’s sense of each aspect of the film and, consequently, the film as a unified whole. The introduction and first scene of the film rely heavily on what is presented on screen due to a lack of any dialogue whatsoever. In the initial shot the Moon is shown, and eventually the Earth and the Sun are revealed, both in alignment with the moon and the point of view from the camera. Combined with the iconic Strass musical score conveying wonder and discovery, it is concluded that the viewer will be shown a fantastic adventure. Immediately following this shot, however, we are placed on a desolate Earth and introduced to the scene by the on-screen description, “The Dawn of Man”. Initially this setting may seem extremely bizarre for a sci-fi movie. Despite this bold selection of starting the narrative, the scene plays a crucial role in presenting an essential plot device. The scene’s peculiarity is later pushed aside as it shrouds itself in mystery and raises many questions through a mystical occurrence. The first few shots from the scene show a…
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