Movie Analysis : ' Boys Don 't Cry '

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Brandon Teena being trans man, that is, he was assigned female at birth but his gender identity is that of a man. He wasn’t entirely supported by his family throughout his struggle as a trans man. He was evicted from his cousin’s trailer. Teena Renae Brandon,or Brandon is also enduring a sexual identity crisis. His cousin did not understand Brandon’s identity crisis problem and just said that he was a lesbian. Zooming in on the events that take place in the film Boys Don’t Cry, one can have a deeper understanding of gender identity, by applying the ideas of Foucault and Queer Theory. Such main points considered from Foucoult and Queer Theory are the construction of homosexuality, Queer knowledges/Queer Performances and Scienta Sexualis. Boys don’t cry is not a film that only caters to the viewer’s pleaser, but a film that shows ones struggle with gender identity in a Midwestern society. Foucault’s idea of the Construction of Homosexuality explains that homosexuality was born out of sodomy, the 16th century illegal act of sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation. Though there may have been homosexuals before then, he feels this constructed sexuality “was now a species.” (20) As opposed to a “temporary aberration.” (20) This idea of homosexuals being a whole different species plays a very similar role in Brandon Teena’s life in Lincoln, Nebraska where an entire city, including him, could not fathom what he was. It was as if he was a whole different species who

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