Movie Analysis: Memento And Short Term Memory

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“Memento” is about a person with short attention span who had difficult times to retrieval and store both non-significant and significant memories. This movie is related to the memory that I learned in class. The character from “Memento” has short-term memory loss, which is called Anterograde memory loss. It can be happened if hippocampus, which is a part of the forebrain, is damaged. It can be caused by severe traumas or surgical removal. This kind disorder is rare, and a person with short attention span is able to remember his/her memories from the past before the incident that causes damage to hippocampus. Short-term memory holds memories for a few seconds to minutes; it is the most important part in the brain, memories and information from short-term memory usually flows the information into the long-term memory. The character with Anterograde memory loss was able to remember everything else after his head banged up included the night when his wife got raped. After …show more content…

Short-term memory did its job mostly; I was not able to memorize every scene in the movie. I forgot what character was doing in the beginning of movie, a scene that reminded me what happened to that character in somehow. For example, the character with short-term memory loss used a gun in the beginning of movie; and then a few scenes later, he used a gun again. I suddenly realized that he had a gun before; it looked like my short-term storage did not encode it and penetrate it into my memory. My long-term memory also did its job; I was able to remember that the character has a short-term loss. It automatically penetrates into my long-term memory, because I knew that the character is the important role in the movie and I should pay attention to it. There was also another memory I used while watching the movie, it definitely also did its

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