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The movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is based in the 1970s. It depicts the highly male dominated broadcast team and shows the shake up when a woman is hired as a reporter and has aspirations of becoming an anchor the television station. The particular scene shows Ron Burgundy is flustered because Veronica Coringstone is impeding on his masculinity. Burgundy exemplifies hegemonic masculinity by explaining he is a man and a professional, when Coringstone says he his acting like a baby he takes offense and explains he is a man and he his ultimately better than a women because indeed he is a man. Burgundy states, “'I’m a man who discovered the wheel, and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That's what kind of man I am.…show more content…
Also, using a mixture of quantities and qualitative data could result in more power for their results in the study. For example, they could interview the boys on why they feel one way or another, and concentrate on the reasons for their aggressive actions and thought process. Using only qualitative or quantitative data shows only one side of the evidence. The second study centers around women and how their gender stereotypes and negative thoughts can create distress, low self-esteem and ultimately submissiveness. The researchers use the example of women entering a highly dominated male work environment. If she does her best not to think about the gender stereotypes, she will internalize her feelings and it will make her loose her confidence (Borton, Reiner, Vazquez, Ruddiman, Anglin, 2011). The researchers randomly assigned women to face a gender stereotype and try to suppress their feelings while working with a male counterpart (Borton et al., 2011). Then they videotaped the women to view their reactions. The hypothesis is based on the assumption that when women are forced to internalize gender stereotype such as inferiority, they will eventually show physical and verbal distress (Borton et al., 2011). Their method involves 56 collage women ranging from ages 18-22. The student’s incentives for participating in the study involved extra credit and a chance to win a hundred dollars (Borton et al., 2011). The researches used the blind study method. After the women

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