Movie Analysis : The Movie ' Woody '

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People love animated movies because most of them watched these kinds of movies when they were children. Statistics show that 85% of people watch animated movies in 2014. Animated movies were first created in 1937 when Disney created Snow White and The Seventh Dwarfs movie. In 1995, Pixar studio revolutionized animated films after it worked with Disney and created the first computer animated movie called Toy Story which was the first part of a collection of three films. Toy Story is about two main characters Woody and Buzz Lighter who reflects many positive and negative behavior of children. The main meaning of the first part of Toy Story is about American children’s relation with their toys; however, there are ethical meanings that the film is trying to teach children.
In the film, Woody is a cowboy toy who is the favorite toy of Andy’s, the boy who has many of toys in the movie. Woody is the leader of the toys and all toys love him, but when Andy’s birthday comes, his friends’ give him a new toy called Buzz Lighter. Woody thought that he will become the second favorite toy, not the first as he was. Woody’s jealousy leads him to make problems with Buzz. He wants to get rid of Buzz to remain the first favorite toy and the leader of the toys. For example, his jealousy leads him to push Buzz out the window, but it makes him lose his friends love and respect. Woody realizes that he did something wrong. As a result, he decided to get Buzz back from Andy’s garden, but he sees that…
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