Movie Analysis : The Movie ' Woody '

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People love animated movies because most of them watched these kinds of movies when they were children. Statistics show that 85% of people watch animated movies in 2014. Animated movies were first created in 1937 when Disney created Snow White and The Seventh Dwarfs movie. In 1995, Pixar studio revolutionized animated films after it worked with Disney and created the first computer animated movie called Toy Story which was the first part of a collection of three films. Toy Story is about two main characters Woody and Buzz Lighter who reflects many positive and negative behavior of children. The main meaning of the first part of Toy Story is about American children’s relation with their toys; however, there are ethical meanings that the…show more content…
Another ethics meaning in the film is about Woody and Buzz stubborn. Woody is a traditional toy which has a string in his back. When Andy’s pulls the string, Woody starts saying words, such as “you are my favorite deputy.” Woody is a leader of the toys and he controls the situation of toys after Andy is out of his room. Buzz Lighter is different from Woody in shape. Buzz shape is a plastic action-figure. He has blinking laser light and pop up wings. Also, he starts talking when Andy pushes the Buzz button that is on his chest, he says words, such as “to infinity and beyond.” Buzz thinks that he is a real space man, temporarily came to earth for a crucial mission. He does not think that he is only a toy. Also, Buzz acts seriously. He does not like jokes. Woody wants Buzz to accept his roles like other toys, but Buzz refused because he thinks that Woody should accept his roles. The stubborn of Woody and Buzz makes them fighting each other during the film until they discover that there is no benefit from stubborn. The film urges the children that the stubborn from each other generate malice and hatred. It wants the children to avoid stubborn and urges them to accept each other opinions. The other ethics meaning of the film is about the importance of unity among friends. The film shows that the toys are working together to get Woody and Buzz back
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