Movie Analysis : ' The Notebook '

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When the older group of women sit down to watch this film, they are more likely to be watching in envy, and look at the film as a wish that may never come true. In this instance, they could also live vicariously through the events and characters in The Notebook. Also, women who are married or in long-lasting relationships are probably more likely to bring their significant other to the film. Regardless of age, the love and relationship is an attractive attribute to the film, and the outcome of the film is something any women or couple aspire for. From this gathered information, the audience for the notebook would be young single women looking for love, or women in their thirties and forties who have relationships in which they would compare the film to. It is also geared toward couples in love.
In the Notebook, there are instances where quirks and laughable moments are used to make the scenes seem more realistic. One moment is when Noah’s best friend bluntly asks Noah and Allie if they are in live after an awkward trip to the movie theatre. This is something that so many people can relate to, and recollect on who of their friends would do that to them in a situation as such. Another example of this is during an argument between the couple. Allie must decide if she will leave Noah for another man, and she expresses her doubts from their own personal relationship. Noah reacts by yelling bluntly “Well that 's what we do, we fight... You tell me when I am being an arrogant son

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