The Notebook Movie Analysis Essay

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Film Analysis Throughout the movie, The Notebook, there were many different aspects that corresponded with the material learned throughout the semester. There were times were you were able to pin point why each problem was faced based on different character backgrounds. As began to watch the movie, you start to understand the culture aspects of each individual by the way they talk and present themselves, which caused many situations to arise. Also, these many situations arise throughout the movie that affected the outcome of decisions made: biological, psychological, and social/environment. However, diversity played a magnificent role from the beginning to the end. So, therefore, throughout this paper you will have a better understanding of the analysis of this film, which should provide information about the movie.
Brief Description While watching the movie, there were many characters that played a magnificent role: Noah Calhoun, Allison “Allie” Hamilton, Fin and Sarah, Lon Hammond, Jr., Ann Hamilton, Frank Calhoun, John Hamilton, and Anne’s ex boyfriend. During the beginning of the movie, Duke, an elderly man, began to read a story to a elderly women named Allie. Allie had dementia and Duke (Noah) was determined to regain her memory of their love and life together. The story began where they first met each other; Noah saw Allie on the Farris wheel and knew she was the one. He jumped on the Farris wheel while it was still in motion and begged Allie on a date till she

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