Movie Review : Cold Mountain Essay

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Film Review: Cold Mountain
1.) In the first assault scene at the beginning of the film, I thought that the north and the south both had strong motives and they were both willing to give it their all in order to preserve and defend their cause. This beginning scene if very heart broken because a lot of men died suddenly from one moment to the next. This makes me reflect on how hard and very divesting the civil war was not just for the women but also for the men who lost their families, wives, homes, and even their lives for the greater cause to which they were fighting for. The Union assault scene is very overwhelming to watch because during the civil war the tactics used were very harsh. For instance, when the Union placed explosive beneath the southern soldiers and blew them to pieces; not only destroying the men but everything in its path. At the beginning of the film one thing that can be noticed is that the north had a very different way of fight compared to the south. For instance, the south used trenches as way of defense and the north many of the soldiers were lined up in perfect lines which makes it seem as if the north was more organized then the south, in the sense of the way they defended their cause.

2.) I don’t think Inman was a traitor because he had dedicated so much time for the southern cause but after many attacks and attempts to fight back and after seeing so many men die, any man would have wished to escape from the horror of war and wanted to go back

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