Movie Review : ' The Fault Of Love '

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Most romance movies will follow the generic Hollywood formula of love. The Hollywood formula consists of “boy wants girl, girl rejects boy, boy persists and boy gets girl.” When this formula is expressed in so many movies, it teaches young boys that if you keep persisting, it will eventually pay off and get you want you want. It teaches people to be stubborn and controlling in the hopes of proving their love. As stated in DeBeckers, 1997, “Persistence only proves persistence; it does not prove love.” The Hollywood formula of love is expressed in the movie The Fault in Our Stars by John Green which is a movie about a teenage romance affected by real problems. The story is about the main character Hazel Grace, who is trying to live a normal…show more content…
Hazel was already lonely, facing depression and needed someone to talk to so she seemed easily approachable. Augustus continues to stare at her during the whole time using this to “charm” her before he even said anything. When they both left the building, she was waiting outside for her ride when he approaches her and smiles widely. Smiling is one of the best ways to prove you are a friendly person and Augustus did it on purpose. As stated in DeBecker, 1997, “a smile is a typical way to mask true emotions”. Augustus continues to have small talk with Hazel and after talking to her for a while, he decides to call her beautiful. Hazel is not interested in any relationships and Augustus is pushing it upon her. Even after the first interaction, Augustus continues to be overly friendly with Hazel to please her. He does numerous things to showcase his friendliness like dropping flowers over to her house and starting to pick her up from school. He goes out of his way to make the effort in getting her. This is one of the survival signals that De Becker mentions in his book because this can be seen as “someone trying to charm her” rather than that person being charming. Although Augustus had no bad intentions towards her, since he was trying to be very friendly it could seem that he is trying to force on an expression which he does not have already. Since Hazel did not want a relationship, he was trying to charm
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