Movie Review : ' The Lorax '

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‘UNLESS’ a film like this was made our human impacts would not be portrayed. Today our environment is not the same, hence the human adaptations that have been made. In this generation humans are focusing on what happens in the present day instead of elaborating on the issues they have caused during the past. Humans make a living by reshaping things to fit themselves. “ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking used when we created them.” (Albert Einstein). In consideration the film ‘The Lorax’ portrays these messages. The illumination entertainment – ‘The Lorax’ film evokes a meaningful environmental message. Despite the swelling of emotions, real life sounds and the expansion of scenery and characters, these elements help depict the environmental vibes and messages in their own unique way. The film was released on the first of March 2012. The directors Chris Renaud and Kyle Balsa have adapted the book ‘The Lorax’ story by Dr Seuss. “ A tree falls the way it leans, be careful which way you lean.” (DR. Seuss) and let the lorax set the stage.

A large variety of techniques are used to help enhance the simplicity of the representation of the environmental messages. Real life sounds are a substantial tool to help these messages get across. Distinct contrivances are used to elaborate on real life sounds. A precedent is the catchy tunes used to captivate the audience. Catchy tunes showcase the importance of the message and engage people into taking the message away and

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