The Rhetorical Analysis Of A Hero's Journey '

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A Hero’s Journey Jesyka Long Rose State College Abstract In society today, consumerism is a major component in the lives of not only Americans, but around the world. People are constantly looking for the next best thing to replace the things they already have. The purpose of this essay is to break down consumerism by using rhetorical analysis on the commercial for Kia’s new crosstrek, the Niro. This commercial relies heavily on the appeal to humor by having unrealistic, comedic actions. Along with humor, it establishes credibility by having a well-known comedic actress, Melissa McCarthy, as the star. The advertisement also plays on a person’s wanting to be a hero by having the commercial title be “Hero’s Journey.” …show more content…

The Kia Niro has high quality steel to reinforce the structure of the car, as well as an “advanced air-bag system” (K., n.d.). This advertisement also uses major topics in today’s society to draw people in. In the first section of the commercial, it uses whale extinction and McCarthy trying to save them. Secondly, it uses deforestation and the efforts to save the trees as another environmental draw-in. In the third slot, it focuses on global warming and the melting ice caps. And lastly, the commercial uses the extinction of rhinos (K. 2017.). This establishes Ethos by showing that the company is aware of the problems in the world today. These environmental issues have been a problem for several years, and there are many people that are concerned for them. By using them to pull people in, they are opening their audience to not only people who like the outdoors, but also to people who want to be heroes. Pathos The comedy that is throughout the Kia Niro’s advertisement is an appeal to pathos. Laughter is said to be medicine for the soul, and the commercial uses this well to their advantage. Kia uses Melissa McCarthy attempting to save the whales. Then she is trying to stop the deforestation. She is then seen protecting the ice caps. And as the finale, she is protecting the rhinos (K. 2017.). While all the issues are quite serious, laced with a comedic element allows them to be more manageable to the average

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