Movie Review of 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'

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Smith Goes to Washington": Review

Frank Capra, a renowned Hollywood director, directed Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which was released in 1939. The film stars Jean Arthur and James (Jimmy) Stewart in the principal roles. James Stewart plays the title role of "Mr. Smith" as Jefferson Smith, a man chosen to take assume the role of senator after US Senator Sam Foley dies. Governor Hubert "Happy" Hopper selects Jefferson Smith to fill this role, pressure from his corrupt pseudo mob boss to choose one of his goons notwithstanding. The narrative is the story of an ordinary, every-man who is swept up in the fervor of the political process and power in Washington D.C. Though a humble and genuine man, Jefferson Smith is chastised and ridiculed by his enemies and sometimes the public for his lack of urban sophistication. The film exemplifies the experience of a man, who thrown into a situation largely beyond his control, struggles to maintain his personal integrity and succeed professionally. James Stewart is a Hollywood legend and many of the roles he has played are iconic for the time when they were current as well as iconic for that genre of film. It's a Wonderful Life is a symbol of American Christmas. Stewart had lead roles in several films directed by the incredibly famous Alfred Hitchcock such as Vertigo, Rear Window, & The Man who Knew Too Much. Thus, it was a pleasure to watch Jimmy Stewart in action in another one of his classic film roles during a point in his…
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