Moving Back To High School

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Brooke- We thank you all for coming to this special occasion in our lives. We will start to move forward to high school, college, and beyond. Just like the past, we will gain and lose new friends in our high school years. We are ready to move forward into the next chapter of life. We have worked so hard to become the eighth grade class of 2016 and become the top of the school. Now we will drop back to the bottom and work our way up to being Seniors. You will follow us and watch us on this last chapter of school.
Porclein- We thank you for supporting us through these past few years. You have always been there for us, bring us to school activities and teaching us important things we need to help us succeed in the future. Teachers you have put up with us in our worst and out of control days. Parents you have seen us grow
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High sped by and now we are being promoted to high school. As we have been, high school will go by super fast too. We will have to leave jr. high and our childish actions behind and move forward in life. High school just another chapter in our life stories and hopefully will be a fun and exciting one. In high school, there are so many different paths we can go on. We can choose FFA, FCCLA, music, sports, or art. We aren’t held back by other classmates and we can be our on person. People will start to change and find out what they want to do with their lives. High school will be an interesting time where we can choose what classes we want to take and who we want to be.
Porclein- This is not our final goodbye, we will see you again, at our high school graduation. We want to once again thank you for being here to celebrate this day in our lives. We will create many new memories in the future and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Our memories from our past will not be forgotten but will make our future even brighter. “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” - Peter
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