Mozart and the Whale Reaction Paper

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Mozart and the Whale is loosely based on the true story of two people with Asperger’s syndrome, and tells the story of how they developed a relationship and eventually married. Nearly the entire cast is composed of characters with disabilities who have been joined together as a support group by the main character, Donald. Donald has Asperger’s syndrome and forms the group so he can have friends. Isabelle, who also has Asperger’s Syndrome, joins Donald’s group and the two have a lot in common. Most of their similarities come from Asperger’s Syndrome - they never know what to say, they yell out inappropriate comments, they share a love for animals, and both have strong preferences. They struggle to sort out their differences, most of which …show more content…

Isabelle’s disability keeps her from seeking employment; she accepts that she will not fit in. I think this might be a common feeling among people with disabilities. After being rejected by employers, and even peers, and not feeling comfortable in social situations, it must take a lot of effort to consider seeking employment.
Relationships and Romantic Life One of the main aspects of this movie is how these people with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism deal with relationships. The support group was formed by Donald because he had no friends and no social life. The people in the group enjoy being around people like them and who are accepting of their eccentricities.This illustrated how difficult it must be to not only have a disability, but one in which there is such difficulty in understanding other people and relating to them. I work at Reedley College, and I have often seen groups of students from our Workability III program spending time together during lunch, or in the same campus club. I think they seek each other out because they have experienced similar issues with social acceptance, and because they feel they can be themselves without feeling uncomfortable. The message conveyed about friendship was both positive and negative. People with disabilities seek friends and emotional support just like everyone else. The positive message is they found each other to provide that support. The negative aspect is they had to seek each other for that

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