Showing Developmental Milestones 0-19 Years

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Table for section 1 - showing developmental milestones 0-19 years Age range in years Physical Communication and Language Social, Emotional and Behavioural 0 to 3 (Burnham & Baker 2010 pg. 1- 4) . Crawling and rolling gross motor skills . Using cups and feeding themselves fine motor skills . Tries to communicate with other babies Language development . Enjoys songs and games . Forms strong bonds – mainly with primary care giver . Own identity formed 3 to 7 (C. Meggitt, 2012 pg.94 - 97) . Can construct elaborate models . Can use a variety of play equipment . Able to use past, present and future tense . Are mostly fluent and correct with grammar . Shows sympathy and can comfort a friend who is hurt . Can choose who they want …show more content…

They will be delayed in their physical development due to difficulties with the lower brain which is responsible for balance and co-ordination. They may also have a difference in muscle tone and find it difficult to gauge how much to grip an object. This delay in physical development will have an impact on the child’s social and emotional development also as they may not get as much chance to play and interact with other children in their peer group. Socially, children with autism have a lot of difficulty with peers as they do not express as much empathy or social involvement as their classmates. Baron-Cohen (2002) refers to children with autism preferring less involved social interaction, saying that “(children)often engage in “parallel play” at the edge of a group rather than joining in cooperative play” This lack of social development is a big barrier to achieving all the PILES outcomes. Language is learned through conversing with others. Intellectual development is increased when learning together. Children learn a lot about the world through interacting with others and collaboration is a very important learning tool. 2.1. Describe with examples the kinds of influences that affect children’s development. 2.2. Describe with examples the importance of recognising and responding to concerns about children’s development There are a few

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