Mr. George Washington Jr.

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Ready to change the world, Mr. George, formally known as George Washington Jenkins Jr. had a dream that he could build a “food paradise”. One of eight children of a general store owner in Georgia, Mr. George at 12 begin to help out in his father’s store. He then gradually migrated to Florida where he worked at a Piggly Wiggly store where he quickly became store manager. When that winter haven store closed because of the economic times Mr. George set out to change the grocery world with great innovation and excitement. 1930 Mr. George built the first Publix Supermarket in winter haven, FL. This store was one the first air conditioned stores to have piped-in music, cold cases for cold and refrigerated items and electric automatic doors. Mr. …show more content…

Examples of these groups in the grocery store is customer service, grocery, pharmacy, deli, bakery, meat, and produce. Each of these departments have a manager and an assistant. Along with managers most of these departments have one if not two team leaders, varying in title and description. All of these positions, through the proper channels reports to the store manager. Publix is one of the rare places that the focus on customer service is so high that there is power given to even below management associates. I interviewed Vanessa Cox, Customer Service Staff for almost 12 years, at store number 475 in Hernando, FL. Vanessa and I spoke about her views on management and the affect that it has on her. Customer service staff is also a type of management. This is a front office position that takes care of what was known as the common area prior to 2005 and is now known as customer service. Vanessa spoke about the unbelievable pressure applied to staff to provide premier customer service. Publix has a guarantee that should a customer not be satisfied with their purchase Publix will gladly refund the item in its entirety immediately. As customer service staff it is one of her main responsibilities to take care of these types of issues. Publix management give Vanessa the power to take care of the customer to a great extent with having to ask permission. Vanessa has had many opportunities to move up in management but for her the stress of the position is not healthy for her.

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