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|An Organizational Culture Case Study |
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Attract and Retain Employees

In order to attract and retain people of the same values, one must first know what the organization values are. “We’re committed to our ‘Who We Are’ values because they set a strong foundation for us as a company-- a foundation of caring about people and each other,” states Vice President Colleen Wegman on Wegmans’ official site. Shared values between employees and the organization make it uncomplicated to attract and retain employees. Wegmans is way above the market standards of treating their employees through higher wages and a slew of benefits.

Organizations Affect Community Cultures

Wegmans’ model of contribution and giving back to its community proves to be a successful and profitable way of doing business. Wegmans’ philosophy of taking care of their employees, the customers and community that keeps them in business, insures that they will continue to expand and build positive relations with whomever they encounter. Wegman helps support the communities it surrounds by providing support for charities, employee scholarships, customer promotions and maintaining sustainability.


Wegmans is a family-owned, privately-held company located in Rochester, New York. In 1921 John and Walter Wegman purchased the Steel Grocery Co. and “expanded operations to include general groceries and bakery operations.” (Brady, 2009) One of its distinguishing
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