Mr Grudem Chapter 1 Summary

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Mr. Grudem reflects on each of the chapter’s categories, and clearly illustrates how each of the activities fall. He then lists the 11 aspects of business, which he will address in each chapter. Grudem argues that the basic components of market economics are private property, entrepreneurship, trade, competition, employment, profit, money, inequality, lending, even a fractional reserve banking system are not "neutral" as we often assume. However, they rather inherently God-instituted and God-glorifying (while also containing the potential for misuse and sin). We should therefore "be thankful" for them. He reassures us that businesses are not only to be considered in a negative way but reminds us that they are for the Glory of God. Business people are an imitation of God’s character by representing Him on Earth through the approach of various business activities. We are to “imitate God, in everything you do” (Eph.5:1 NLT). Are things like profit, competition, money and entrepreneurship evil? These are all things that God has given the human race and we should embrace it. We know these things to be true because God says, “Fill the earth and govern it” (Gen.1:28 NLT). In Chapter 1, Ownership, Grudem starts off by saying, “You must not steal,” which are very powerful words (Ex.20:15 NLT). It shows that God wants …show more content…

With the barter system, it took longer for you to get what you wanted because of the trades you would have to make and with the money you have direct access to the goods or service that you desire. The Bible says, “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil,” (1 Tim.6:10 NLT). This speaks to the love of money and not money itself. This is for the people who cannot balance money and the world. The feeling of being powerful because of the amount of money they have, will sometimes lead to them taking advantage of certain situations or

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