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On 7/7/15 worker visited WBMC, for the purpose of visiting with Mr. Hamilton. When worker arrived, Mr. Hamilton was lying in bed. Mr. Hamilton did not know why he at the hospital. According to Mr. Hamilton, he was sitting outside under the porch and Ms. Janell Godwin pulled up. She got out of the car and stated she was calling the ambulance because he needed to go to the hospital. According to Mr. Hamilton he visited with Dr. Osula, the hospital ran test, and he was being released from the hospital today.

After talking with Mr. Hamilton worker spoke with caseworker, Stephanie Spain. She stated that a mental consult with Senior Care was scheduled. However, he was not scheduled for discharge. If he refused service, mental consult would be cancelled. Worker recommended they have Dr. Osula speak with Mr. Hamilton because in the past Mr. Hamilton had worked well with Dr. Osula. …show more content…

Spain worker returned to Mr. Hamilton's room. Worker informed Mr. Hamilton that he would not be released from the hospital today because they wanted to run more testing. Mr. Hamilton became very agitated and stated, "they can't keep me here. I am leaving and there isn't anything anyone can do about it." Worker explained to Mr. Hamilton to stay for testing and they may release him the following day. In addition, worker pointed out in the hospital he had air condition and food. Mr. Hamilton replied "I would rather live in a tree then be in the hospital and I am not going to stay here." During interview worker asked Mr. Hamilton if Ms. Wendy Sanders was living with him. He did not know who worker was talking about.

After leaving Mr. Hamilton's room worker returned to Ms. Spain's office and informed her that Mr. Hamilton was demanding to be released. She stated she would call Dr. Osula and inform him of what was

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