Mr. Nesbitt Research Paper

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In the afternoon of December 22, a robbery had taken place at a drugstore. Alguinaldo Nesbitt was the owner of the drugstore. Sixteen year old Steve Harmon is black, he was the lookout to start a robbery at a drugstore. He was to go in and investigate the place to see if there were any policemen around. Although he didn’t want to do it, yet he did it anyway. Even though, he was afraid of Bobo Evans. He was afraid that if he didn’t do it that he would be gang rapped. However, he had failed to look out, because there was a young lady in the drugstore. It was clear, they went with no weapons, just muscle. Mr. Nesbitt the owner of the drugstore had pulled out a chrome, that’s what the gang members had called the gun. The three other men, had fought …show more content…

Word had gotten out on the street, that the guy was dead. As a consequence, they had laid low for a while. Not only that they were stealing the packs of cigarettes, they were also selling them too. When they had left the chicken joint Mr. king and Bobo had split the rest of the money and went their separate ways.

About four hours later, an employee had walked in and noticed that it was quiet. The employee had seen the cash register opened, with only change in it, no bills. At that time he peered over the counter and found the appalling death Mr. Nesbitt. At Least, he assumed that he was dead. The employee had then taken inventory of the drug store. That’s when he had discovered that five cartons of cigarettes were stolen. Soon after, he had called the cops. At that moment, the police were involved, Bobo Evans and his two fellow gang member now have to do some time in prison. They are not for sure how long they have, until they are proven guilty in the court of law. Now that Steve is in prison, he decides he wants to make a movie. A movie about his life in prison. Not just in prison, also on his court days as well. If the jury finds them guilty, then they have to stay in prison for up to 25 years to

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