Mr. Neville Character Analysis

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He is obviously known for being a leader because he is the chief protector of Western Australia. Mr A.O Neville is portrayed as a very stern looking man. This angle of shot makes him look very scary and intimidating. He is a very brisk character and we are given a bad first impression of him. He seems very cold-hearted because he doesn’t see anything wrong in what he’s doing with the aboriginals. He is called ‘Mr Devil’ by the aboriginals which tells us that he is not liked by these people. In the second scene that he was featured in has spooky music in the background which sets the scene to make him look even scarier.
When we get closer to the end of the movie the camera angle rises to show how he has lost his power and he looks very vulnerable
He thinks he is helping the half caste families but in reality he’s ruining families. He feels very stupid and like he’s failed himself when he can’t find the children .Mr Neville tried to 'breed' out the aboriginals by using this plan that he has come up with which will make the aboriginals 'as good as the white people'. he wants to breed the white people with aboriginals to make a half castes and then that half caste with another white person which is supposed to make their skin whiter and whiter so by the time it gets to the 4th…
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