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Mr. President: How and Why the Founders Created a Chief Executive Analysis On June 1, 1787 Federal Convention first talked of establishing a new executive branch. James Wilson said that the Executive should consist of a single person. To U.S. citizens today, this is an obvious statement, but it wasn’t at that time. Americans had just won their independence from an autocratic monarch, Britain. They feared that another oppressive leader would rise and try to dictate to the newly independence-gained country. In the book “Mr. President: How and Why the Founders Created a Chief Executive”, Ray Raphael explains how the founders created the Chief Executive to specifically prevent this from happening. Ray Raphael’s purpose of writing this …show more content…

Because he got his facts straight from the writings of the founding fathers, Ray Raphael’s sources are very credible. However, the picture that he chose to be the cover of the book was pretty confusing to me. I had no idea what anyone of the objects was supposed to symbolize, except for the red, white, and blue symbolizing the American flag. Because of this, I found the pictures to be non-effective to what I was reading. When reading this book I think Ray Raphael intended to write this book for those who are interested in political history, mainly the origins of the Chief Executive and how difficult it was to create it. This book is extremely useful for its intended audience because it gives a thorough explanation about political history. Also it gives very credible proof because the information comes straight from what the Founding Fathers had written in many journals years before. In my opinion, Richard Beeman, author of Plain Honest Men: The Making of the American Constitution says it best when he says, “Ray Raphael’s Mr. President presents to the reader a careful, lively, and in many respects, wholly surprising history of the origins and early development of the American presidency. His analysis of the years immediately preceding the Constitutional Convention of 1787 helps us understand better why the job of creating an American presidency was such a difficult one for the framers…This book will command the attention of both professional

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