Mr. Snuffles: A Short Story About a Monstrous Creation

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Mr. Snuffles
Large black clouds covered the sky above a lovely Victorian Manor; thunder crashed and shook the sturdy foundation as a young man ran through the Manor’s dark halls and down its many winding stairs, the only light guiding him came from the flash of constant lightning. He ran down and down until he finally reached his destination, a large wine cellar refurbished into a crude laboratory with a large pool to the side, many different wires, and pipes leading in and out adding mixtures and liquids of unknown origin. Running to a nearby computer the young scientist quickly turned it on, skimmed over different graphs and mathematic formulas and with a hop and a skip rushed to the pool were a metal table rested within the center.
“Finally! They thought I was a joke, that it wasn’t possible but after this night…this night they will see just how superior I am to those pompous fools of the board!” With a cackle he made final adjustments to the contents of the pool and left, leaving a trail of water on the floor towards a small fridge were he brought out a small package wrapped in a dirty towel. He giggled with excitement looking down at the bundle in his arms, “You little one are going to revolutionize the world, we will be written in the history books forever.” He walked back into the pool, gently laid the bundle down in the center of the table and left causing a gallon of dark purple water to spill onto the floor. Walking back to the computer he sat back down and once

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