The Sneetches Short Story

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Star-off machine? Whisper-ma-phone? These are just some of the many crazy and bizarre words that Dr. Seuss created and utilized in two of his famous stories, The Sneetches and The Lorax. In The Lorax, the Lorax tried to persuade the Once-ler to not cut down the truffula trees. The Once-ler ignored the Lorax, and he cut them down anyway. As a result, the Lorax had to make all of his friends move away. This caused the Lorax to be alone, so he moved away as well. In The Sneetches, there were two groups, the star-belly sneetches and the sneetches without stars on their bellies. The star-belly sneetches were known as “the best type of sneetch” because they had stars. Since the star-bellies were known as the best, the sneetches without stars …show more content…

For instance, when Dr. Seuss rhymed in The Lorax, he didn’t create new words to rhyme with authentic words, yet in The Sneetches, he invented new words to rhyme with specific words. For example, in The Sneetches, Dr. Seuss stated, “And it berked, and it bopped them about, but the thing really worked!” Dr. Seuss created the word “berked” to make sure that the flow of the rhyme scheme would be consistent. When he rhymed in The Lorax, he used relevant words and the rhyme scheme stayed persistent. For instance, in The Lorax, Dr. Seuss affirmed, “Don’t knock at his door. He stays in his Lerkim on top of his store. He stays in his Lerkim, cold under the floor, where he makes his own clothes out of miff-muttered moof.” Even though Dr. Seuss devised new words in the story, the abstract words did not rhyme with any other words or phrases. Dr. Suess also cogitated many other aspects of each story, such as the characters. Just like the rhyme scheme, the characters of both stories also share a multitude of similarities and differences. To begin, Dr. Seuss formated The Sneetches to have more than one main character, but in The Lorax, he only included one main character. For example, in The Lorax, the Lorax emulated the main character of the story. This is because the conflict that the Once-ler started evolved around the Lorax. Also, in most

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