Mr. Wright 's The Unnecessary Surgery

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In life everyone seeks out what will give them the most happiness. To be able to get the happiness that we seek in life, we often think of our own self-interest. According to Shafer-Landau (2010), “Psychological egoism, which tells us that there is only one thing that motivates human beings: self-interest,” (p86). To achieve this happiness we rely on our own desires, what makes us feel good, or we do as much good as we can to achieve our own version of happiness. In the case of the unnecessary surgery, we find two people with different ideas of what will bring them happiness. According to Shafer-Landau (2010), “Philosophers call such things instrumental goods, things that are valuable because of the good things they bring about,” (p18).…show more content…
In the mind of Mr. Wright this is what he needs to have done in order to give himself pleasure. According to Shafer-Landau (2010) “According to hedonists, a life is good to the extent that it is filled with pleasure and is free of pain,” (p19). Mr. Wright’s pleasures of happiness will be achieved by having this amputation, which also leads us into his desire. Mr. Wrights, desire satisfactionism, is otherwise described as what he wants. According to Shafer-Landau (2010), “The desire satisfaction theory… tells us that your life goes well for you to the extent that you get what you want,” (pp38-39). His desire may be seen as a horrible thing to get a limb cut off, but is it really wrong. Who are we to judge what his desire should be. Mr. Wrights benefits from the amputation because he believes it will bring him more pleasure. Shafer-Landau states that, “According to hedonists, a life is good to the extent that is filled with pleasure and is free of pain,” (p19). Keeping the limb will only bring misery to Mr. Wright, so to avoid the misery of having this limb he chooses to have it removed. To even better support this claim we can take the excerpt from Shafter-Landau where it states, “Hedonism claims that misery takes away from a good life, and thus this is hard to deny,” (p22). For Mr. Wright to have a good life he must
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