Mrs Love Essay

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From the phenomenal way Mrs. Love is presented to the peculiar behaviors of Eugene, this play was eye opening. Mrs. Love is a misunderstood woman who just wants to help and she finds her only way, cooking. Her grandson Eugene is partaking in a sit in but he is not aware that the sheriff will never make it. The relationship that the two main characters have is interesting. They are shown as more like siblings to me. Eugene is trying to protect his grandmother as one would a sister but Mrs. Love is trying to show that she does not need protection. Mrs. Love’s name is one that is interesting because she does not have that love that one would expect a grandmother to show. Mrs. Love bakes cornbread that is sent to the sheriff to kill him. Most people would not expect a grandmother to do something like that but it was her showing her own type of love. She loved her grandson and wanted to help him out but he would not let her so she makes the cornbread as an act of love to him. That was not the first death that she caused according to Mrs. Love, “Dr. Crawford’s …show more content…

Mrs. Love is really calm about the sit in because she knows that the sheriff is going to die. In the arguing between Eugene and Mrs. Love, Eugene points out many things that Mrs. Love is doing that he does not think that she should be doing because she is older. He tells Mrs. Love, “all this swearing you’ve been doing lately” (Hatch, 426). Mrs. Love was trying to show Eugene all of the things that he does she can also do. He does not like this partly because of the generation gap. Mrs. Love is also not using proper English anymore and Eugene tells her that she knows better. It seems as though Mrs. Love is trying to show Eugene who he is as a person so that he will change his ways but it could also be her way of proving that she can be

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