Mrs. Peterson 's First Grade Ela Classroom Essay

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Mrs. Peterson’s third grade ELA classroom is a place where countless discoveries transpire. Colorful bulletin boards overflowing with her student’s accomplishments adorned her classroom walls. Walking into this space fills students as well as visitors with a warm, welcoming feeling. A thoughtfully placed bright blue rug lays at the front of the classroom. Desks are arranged in clusters of five. The clusters are positioned near the front of the classroom situated near the smart board. The total number of learners in Mrs. Peterson’s class is twenty. There are eleven male students and nine female students. Demographics of this group of learners consist of one Asian student, three African American students, and sixteen Caucasian students. Two of Mrs. Peterson’s students have IEP’s due to a learning disability.
On the afternoon of November 1st, Mrs. Peterson embarked on her lesson by explaining that the focus of the day would center on the topic of main ideas and supporting details in writing. The teacher shared that her learning goal was not only for students to be able to identify the main idea and supporting details, but they should also be able to rationalize the “why” factor. While Mrs. Peterson was introducing the concept of the lesson, she circulated from table to table to ensure students were prepared and paying attention to the introduction.
Spiral notebooks are utilized during daily lessons to take notes and write down important concepts. Each student had a spiral…
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