Ms. Choi Geriatric Assessment Essay

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Thank you very much for referring Ms. Choi for geriatric assessment. The main concern is that of decreased cognition.

She is an 85-year-old lady who was born in China and came to Canada for over 30 years. She is married and lives with her husband in a co=op apartment. They have 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. One of the sons is in Toronto and one of the daughters is in Toronto as well. she speaks Cantonese. She is a retired part-time cleaner. She had no formal education.

Her son, Mr. Choi is present with her for the interview today. She complained about having a decline in her cognition for over 5 years. She is forgetful with conversations and has decreasing comprehension. It is getting worse over time. There are no hallucinations …show more content…

There is no dizziness or weakness. There is occasional pain over the hips for which she takes Tylenol. There are no falls in the last 6 months.

The ADLs is that she is independent in all aspects of basic and instrumental ADLs. She carries a cane with her now. She does the shopping, cooking, cleaning and laundry and also finances.

1. Hypertension.
2. Hypercholesterolemia.
3. Arthritis. She used to take Celebrex in the past for arthritis.
4. Bilateral cataract surgery.

Her medications include Lipitor but that has been stopped over the last 2 months or so, Norvasc 5 mg p.o. daily, Tylenol Extra Strength 500 mg 1 tablet on a p.r.n. basis, Celebrex 200 mg daily p.r.n. She takes over-the-counter medications including Caltrate 1 tablet daily, lutein 20 mg 1 tablet daily and some Chinese tablets 3 tablets daily.
There is no known history of drug allergy. She takes the medications herself from the pill bottles.

She is a nonsmoker and occasional drinker. She would like to drink beer when she is anxious but the son has not bought it for her in 6 months.

On physical examination she weighs 126.7 pounds. Her visual acuity is 20/70 on the right and 20/50 on the left. Blood pressure is 170/66 sitting and 160/70 standing, pulse 72 per minute. JVP is not elevated. Heart sounds are normal. There are on murmurs heard. the chest is clear with on wheezing or crackles. The abdomen is soft and nontender with no abnormal mass

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