Multicultural Counselor Competencies Reflect On Culturally

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Multicultural counselor competencies reflect on culturally sensitive counselors, that are mindful of several foundational principles. These principals include, activation of schema and confirmatory bias; awareness; group differences; racial and cultural identity development; and multiple. As stated on page 230, paragraph one, The Multicultural Counseling Competencies (Arrendondo et al., 1996; Sue and et al., 1992) set standards for the development of beliefs and attitudes, knowledge, and skills in three specific domains: the counselor’s self-awareness of personal beliefs, attitudes, values, and assumptions; understanding the worldview of the client; and the development of appropriate intervention strategies (Arrendondo, …show more content…

They also have knowledge of their personal racial and cultural background and how it affects the biases and definitions of the counseling process. Possessing understanding oppression, racism, discrimination, and stereotyping allows acknowledgment of own racist attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. They are able to understand the social impact and knowledge about certain communications differences; such as their personal communication style and relations of those with diverse backgrounds. Culturally competent mental health counselors developed a series of strategies and techniques that enable them to effectively and sensitively intervene in the lives of the culturally different clients they serve (Arrendondo, 1999). Seeking out training experiences and consultative help improves the effectiveness of counselor’s knowledge with working with clients of different culturally populations. They are always in quest of understanding themselves in a racial and cultural stand-view and are actively seeking a non-racist personal identity within their clients. One of the first steps in working with clients is to recognize the presenting problem. Recognizing and being knowledgeable of cultural differences is essential for building the trust needed to conduct an effective counseling sessions. In working towards becoming more culturally competent with clients with mental health disorders, I would work within the

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