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Multicultural Counseling
Annotated Bibliography
Paula Parker
John Carroll University

Multicultural Counseling
Annotated Bibliography Fetzer, A., Lee, M., & Pieterse, A. L. (2016). Racial Group Membership and Multicultural Training: Examining the Experiences of Counseling and Counseling Psychology Students. International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling, 38(1), 28-47. oi:10.1007/S10447- 015-9254-3
The journal article examines the teaching of multiculturalism as a discipline in the counseling field. No other field of study is more affected by multiculturalism then the field of counseling. “In the study research appears to confirm the importance of attending to cultural concerns in the therapeutic process as well as the efficacy of multicultural training approaches in the establishment of multicultural counseling competence”. (Fetzer, 2016) Further research also shows that racial group membership and racial identity of the student impacted engagement in multicultural counseling.
The article helped me to understand that multicultural counseling plays a major part in the understanding of the client. Understanding my own biases regarding multiculturalism based upon my own racial group and identity will fundamentally impact my counseling approach. My Way of Being with the client in the counseling session will be directly affect by my ability to understand his or her cultural differences.

Lu, J. (2017) “Multicultural

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