Multicultural Education : A Multicultural Classroom

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An additional aspect to a perfect education system would be the use of multicultural education in schools. Multicultural education creates a comfortable environment for students of all races and ethnicities to learn in by combining a variety of ideals about teaching. According to Geneva Gay, the creator of multicultural education, one of these ideals is understanding the cultural characteristics and cultural contributions of different ethnic groups, such as the values of different ethnic groups, along with their traditions and communication styles (107). It is important to know all of these traits in order to know how to successfully teach all of the students in the class, regardless of class, ethnicity, or gender.
First and foremost, in a multicultural classroom, the teacher must truly care for all of the students and want them to succeed (Gay 109). Students need to know that someone believes in them and, sometimes, their teacher is the only person that really does. If a teacher has no faith in a student and gives up on them, then the student will most likely not believe in himself or herself either. According to Lisa Delpit, author of The Silenced Dialogue, the teacher also needs to understand that not every student is from an intelligent or wealthy family, but it is still their responsibility to be able to teach those students (292). Victoria Purcell-Gates, the author of …As Soon as She Opened Her Mouth!, points out that just because a child is poor, it does not mean that
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