Multicultural Theories In Social Work

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Studying of human behavior has never been easier, and as the population increases, their actions become complicated. As a result, social worker as a professional has different theories that guide them in the process of assessing, evaluating and intervening at various levels in the society (Jayapalan, 2014). In fact, most of these theories usually focus on the study of aspects that make humans different, and an example of the focus include human growth and their development, psychological aspect, social functioning as well as service delivery. However, some theories just highlight social and economic equality. Also, almost all of the theories in social work practice are usually come out of social and historical context, and there should, therefore, be critiqued because of their multicultural applicability. With the aim of understanding persons and their environment, as well as the processes of assessment, intervention, and evaluation, system theory perspective used. System theory includes ecological systems, and it typically focuses on how different individuals interact with others in their environment (Turner, 2014). In fact, social workers use this theory in understanding different individuals while in their constant transaction within their environment. For example, system theory suggests that different systems and subsystems in the societies are interrelated parts. Also, the other common concept of system theory states that each subsystem affects several other areas of
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