Multiculturalism In America

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Significant Factors that Contributed to Multiculturalism in America The United States of America has a diverse population of cultures that helped make it the “melting pot” of the world. People have always been on the move since the beginning of civilization. In these resettlements cultures have been exchanged between the different people. The mixing of these cultures in history have not created one race of people but rather formed many multicultural nations. The United States has a turbulent history with the arrival of multiculturalism into society that occurred from immigration, the civil rights, women’s movement, and the LGTB movements. America culture is a product of many influences and is under constant revision from immigrants who are currently in the country or those that have just arrived. America experienced massive immigration in the 19th century which became an important component in American society. This historical rise helped to form the multiculturalism now seen in this country. Multiculturalism is the acceptance of multiple ethnic cultures where people from different religious backgrounds, countries and traditions are given equitable rights and status. Multi culturalism in the United States is often confused with assimilation whereas groups of people who live in society bring their cultural experiences but are also simultaneously learning to live using American values. This has been a long-standing debate in society if immigrants should preserve their

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